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John Burley

John S. Burley


John Burley has over 25 years experience with arena design, manufacturing, and installation. He was the instrumental force behind the growth and development of Burley's Rink Supply, Inc. from 1984 to 2004 with sales exceeding 9 million dollars annually and over 125 employees. Over this tenure he was directly involved with over 650 rink installations worldwide and has received more new ice rink patents than any other person. He also designed and built the Burley manufacturing complex and Planet Ice complex before selling the business in 2004. This 100,000 square foot complex featured some of the latest technology for its time.

John has written numerous industry papers regarding building and ice rink design aspects in addition to being a pioneer with energy conservation technologies. Over his tenure he has had the opportunity to gather a prestigious client list such as the President of the United States, the Goodwill Games, the Asian Games, all of the major hockey leagues, including installation from private home rinks, to the largest arena facilities.

John, his wife Veronica, son Jonathon and three stepchildren reside in Windber, PA. When not in the office, John can be found at the local airport or in the air above in his Piper Cub.

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Bill Burley

William G. Burley


A true pioneer, Bill Burley boasts a lengthy career that has spanned more than fifty years in the ice rink industry. Bill began ice skating as a youngster at local rinks and before long landed with the Ice Capades. Always an avid skater and warm personality, Mr. Burley’s experience led him to a position as a rink manager at a rink in New York City. As time moved on and Mr. Burley had a young family, he searched for a small town to move his family and enter into business.

In the 1970’s, Bill moved his family to Johnstown, Pennsylvania and opened a recreational park which included a swimming pool and skating rink in Ideal Park. After years of success, the turbulent nature of U.S. economy in the late 70’s and early 80’s forced Mr. Burley to close Ideal Park and sell the skating equipment. In an ironic twist, this was the starting point for what became Burley’s Rink Supply. Mr. Burley sold the rink equipment literally overnight after marketing it to a few outlets. Ever the entrepreneur, Mr. Burley noticed that a real opportunity existed to sell ice rink equipment.

Mr. Burley and his son, John, began small by selling used equipment. After a few years of success, they began to market to new rink builders and began selling new equipment as well. Before long, Mr. Burley had built Burley’s Rink Supply into a powerhouse in the ice rink industry. At its peak, Burley’s Rink Supply employed nearly 150 people and achieved sales of more than $9 million per year.

In 1997, Mr. Burley built his showcase rink in Johnstown, Pennsylvania known as Planet Ice. The 100,000 square foot facility showcased all of Burley’s Rink Supply’s cutting edge technology in the rink portion of the facility. Additional parts of the complex were used for the manufacturing of all Burley’s Rink Supply products.

Mr. Burley is well regarded with some of the most famous names in hockey. “Mr. Hockey” Gordie Howe and Mr. Burley have had a strong friendship for years. Mr. Howe even starred in a promotional VHS cassette for Burley’s Rink Supply. Additionally, Mr. Burley has long dated friendships with 1960 Gold Medalist Billy Christian, Miracle on Ice Coach Herb Brooks and several others.

Now in his late 70’s, Mr. Burley is a regular at the corporate offices of Everything Ice. His countless stories and witty demeanor are still intact, as is his love for skating.

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Ken Asure

Ken Asure


In 1990 Ken worked as a drafter for Burley’s Rink Supply. He then moved on to the construction field working as a carpenter and supervisor for both residential and commercial projects. In 1996 he enlisted in the United States Army. Following his time as an active member of the military, he returned to the ice-rink industry, once again working at Burley's Rink Supply assuming the new role of Project Manager. Ken has a total of over 5 years in the industry.

Ken currently has 14 years of military experience in the communications field with ten years of active duty and is currently serving as a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard. He recently returned from a successful tour of duty in Iraq.

Ken, his wife Dawn and three daughters reside in Johnstown.

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Tim Elgin

Tim Elgin


Tim has been in the ice rink manufacturing industry for 12 years and has spent the majority of this time purchasing the raw materials needed for the manufacturing process. He has worked his way through the purchasing department from when he was first hired in 1995 as a purchasing assistant at Burley’s Rink Supply. His most recent responsibilities include the daily accounting transactions, human resource functions, company operations and purchasing of materials.

Tim has an AS degree in Public Administration and a BS degree in Human Resources. He is currently taking night classes to obtain an MBA to better contribute to the overall success of Everything Ice.

Tim, his wife Amy and two children reside in the Johnstown Area. Tim is an avid motorcyclist and antique car enthusiast. Tim also volunteers as a coach for various youth sports teams in the Greater Johnstown area.

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Carl Handel


Carl is a veteran of more than 20 years in the ice rink industry. During that time, Carl has been involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of multiple ice rink components. Carl has also spent time traveling to various job sites and an installation team member.

Carl is primarily responsible for leading the production of all ice rink components, such as mat systems, headers, pump skids and refrigeration components. Carl’s talents reach beyond our shop as he has provided many ideas for system improvements and efficiencies.

Recently, he has been involved with restructuring shop workflow, as well as lending his knowledge to our installation teams.

Carl, his wife Lorraine, son and three step children live in Johnstown. He is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

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Robert Peltzer


Bob's primary duties include system design, material and system component selection. He also oversees and participates in engineering drawing production. Secondary duties include planning and product production, job site visits for customer contact and system installation.

Over the previous thirty-four years, Bob has been involved in several different industries, with seventeen years spent in ice rink construction. The majority of these years were spent in production management and inventory control. During this time he also opened, operated and closed his own restaurant.

Bob has formally and informally trained in many different trades, from machining to industrial electrician, along with two years of post-secondary education in business management and electrical/electronic technology. He has eight years of military experience including formal training in shipboard propulsion systems, electrical generation and auxiliary machinery operation and maintenance.

Bob, his wife Bobbie and two children reside in Johnstown. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and is an accomplished cook.

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John Remick

John Remick


John brings 17 years of ice rink experience to Everything Ice. During his tenure at Burley’s Rink Supply and Everything Ice, John has served as a CAD Design Specialist while working closely with the engineering team.

While at Everything Ice, John has been an integral member of our product design team. As product innovations have been discussed, John’s talent has provided an easy translation of ideas to conceptual drawings.

John is multi-disciplined as a draftsman. From the earliest days of drafting tables, paper and pencil to the modern usage of AUTOCAD technology, he has kept our engineering team up to date with the latest technology and design tools. John has also lent his experience with drafting as an instructor in recent years.

John, his wife Karen and 5 children reside in the Johnstown area. John is an avid hunter, enjoys shooting and being outdoors.

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Jon Knobloch

Jon Knobloch


Jon brings an extensive background in hockey and rink operations to our sales team, having been involved with the ice rink industry for nearly 10 years. Prior to joining Everything Ice, he worked at a local rink in operations and management. Jon’s firsthand knowledge of operations, promotion and the concerns of rink owners has added a strong "after the sale" component to Everything Ice.

Jon is an integral part of our sales and marketing team. He is responsible for many of our corporate marketing initiatives, including website design and content, company logos, brochures, developing strategies to maximize the awareness of services, as well as adding insight into future planning.

While primarily handling domestic rink sales, Jon has worked closely with his colleagues to increase company sales growth. He has initiated the sale of small supplies such as rental skates, rubber flooring and ice supplies, while assisting with the launch of the GreenMachine Ice Rink Chiller and Instant Ice Portable Mat System.

Jon is a graduate of Penn Highlands Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts, and more recently a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Mount Aloysius.

Jon, his wife Kristy and daughter live near Johnstown. Jon is an avid adult league hockey participant. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors.

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Salem Yingling


Salem is a veteran of more than 15 years in the ice rink industry. He has worked in various capacities, ranging from Inventory Control, Shop Work Flow, and Production Assistant.

Currently, Salem provides various roles for Everything Ice. On any given day, he is responsible for assisting the shop with production, inventory management, and execution of work orders.

Salem resides in Johnstown, along with his two children. In his spare time, he enjoys sports and music.

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Jonathon Burley


Jonathon is Everything Ice’s newest member. He is a recent graduate of Penn Highlands Community College with an AS in Business Management and brings several talents to our team. Since being hired, he has worked extensively with our shop team to organize and streamline our inventory control management. He oversees the staging for all job materials, production sequencing, loading and job reconciliation.

Additionally, he lends his time as our lead graphical designer. Most recently, he has redesigned the company logo and website, while assisting with some of the marketing initiatives.